La Botica

In 2005, we inaugurated La Botica, the first place in Mexico D.F. which focused exclusively on selling artisanal mezcales from various regions across Mexico, which helped detonate mezcal in Mexico City.

Hecho en Dumbo

In 2007 we opened Hecho en Dumbo in NY to offer diners a contemporary Mexico City cuisine showcasing classic and modern dishes using local ingredients and paired with the best Mexican distillates.

La Nacional

In 2010, we opened La Nacional, with the objective to offer for the first time in Mexico City, a place to enjoy the largest selection of Mexican artisanal distillates  such as mezcal, tequila, sotol, bacanora, raicilla, agave distillates, tuxca, among others.

Festival de Destilados Artesanales y de Origen

In 2011, after traveling for several years throughout many diverse regions of Mexico, meeting small producers, we conceived of the idea ‘DARDO’.  The purpose was to re-evaluate, diffuse, promote and to showcase the similarities and differences of artisanal mezcales made proudly throughout our entire country.

Consejo Regulador del Mezcal

Since 2012, we have been actively participating with the CRM contributing to the improvement and modernization of our industry.